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Domaine Boris Champy Nantoux

Let's go further, let's go higher


Ultreia was an expression of joy used by pilgrims in the Middle Ages: "Let's go further, let's go higher".


DISTILLATION The Marc is distilled from the grape skins after pressing. We prefer to use the sins from our white grapes (from our different parcels) for greater finesse. Our grape pomace is distilled by Mathieu Sabbagh of Alambic Bourguignon. AGEING This Marc is a blend of old marc aged for a minimum of 15 years in the shade of our cellar in oak barrels and more recent, fruitier Marc to add complexity. The ageing occurs in white wine casks. It is then bottled at its natural alcohol content (often 47 to 49°!) and without any additional alcohol.


Aromatically, the range is wide: vinous, farmhouse aromas characteristic of Burgundy Marc, then rancio notes associated with ageing, and finally beautiful spicy notes


We are one of the very few organic producers of old marc. We produce 200 bottles of 50cl a year. Varietal: From our white grapes skins (Chardonnay, Aligoté) Appellation: Marc de Bourgogne Color: white amber Organic certified wine (Ecocert) Biodynamic certified wine (Demeter)

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