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Domaine Boris Champy Nantoux
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2022 Vintage

2022 Vintage

A beautifully mature vintage

In Burgundy, summer 2022 was simply the second hottest summer (after 2003). In contrast to the 2021 vintage, ripeness was very easy to achieve in 2022. We see that the vines have adapted and become much more resistant to the hot conditions. We are particularly proud to have achieved the feat of having all the Domaine’s 2022 production under 13% alcohol. Thanks to the altitude of the hautes-côtes! We owe this success particulary to perfect control of the canopy protecting the grapes from excess light and temperature.

In terms of rainfall, it’s been a dry year, except for June, which was very wet! The rain was enough for the vines, which are doing wonderfully well and producing an abundant harvest. After every dry year, we’re amazed at how resilient our vines are to drought. The high organic matter content of our soils and the deep roots work wonders year after year of ‘hot’ weather.

The grapes had the ideal configuration: bunches of Pinot Noir weighing 90 grams,  with small berries. We used a very high percentage of whole grapes for our reds, averaging 75% (100% whole grapes for our Clou 377 plot).

The red wines are characterised by lower acidity than normal, which gives them suppleness and richness, well-balanced by the rich tannins.

The white wines, on the other hand, have perfectly normal acidity, so they are both very fresh (citrus, minerality, etc.) and very rich, with texture and ripe fruit (yellow fruit: peaches and mirabelle plums).

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